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Welcome to the INKEY Blog. Where we spread and share our skincare knowledge with you!

It’s never too late to stop using the random bar soap in your shower on your face and get advice on how to take better care of your skin. We make skincare simple to understand and easy to use.

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Introducing actives in your skin care routine can be confusing. When deciding what to incorporate into your routine, you should first make sure the actives you’re choosing, tackle any concerns you have or are providing a desired benefit. Secondly, you need to consider the % amount of active ingredient that is suitable for you and your needs. This brief guide has been put together to help you figure out which percentage is right for you.

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Azelaic Acid is a multifaceted active ingredient with multiple benefits that can target several concerns, proven to be beneficial for blemish prone, rosacea prone and redness prone skin. Find out more about the benefits of Azelaic Acid, how to use it and what other ingredients you can use to help reduce redness in the skin

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If you are looking for an ingredient that has dual benefits of effectively moisturizing and exfoliating dead skin buildup simultaneously, look no further than Urea. At The INKEY List, we believe it is the next trend ingredient! For those with dry or rough skin texture or those that are prone to eczema or psoriasis, we have your Solution. 

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After getting breakouts under control, we’re often left with dark or textured post-blemish marks. Learn about what acne scarring is, why using Retinol can help and what strength of Retinol you should be using.

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Not as well-known as Hyaluronic Acid, Polyglutamic Acid ("PGA"), is believed to have 4x greater moisture retaining benefits than HA. If you have dull, dry, or dehydrated skin, you should consider incorporating Polyglutamic Acid into your skincare recipe. 

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