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Welcome to the INKEY Blog. Where we spread and share our skincare knowledge with you!

The shine of your strands is a literal reflection of the health of your hair which can be impacted on a daily basis from a range of influences - from the water we wash with to how we dry and style. Find out how hair can become dull or lack lustre and the way you can boost shine including using key INKEY List hair products.

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The hallmark of damaged hair, split ends are common but can also be an indicator that your routine needs a refresh to prevent and protect and keep locks looking luscious for longer. Find out more about split ends, what causes them and how to prevent them occurring.

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Shiny, strong, healthy locks have always been desirable; that much goes without saying. But how do you achieve this ultimate hair goal? That can feel impossible, especially with so much conflicting information out there, and an overwhelming amount of different products available these days. These five simple tips will help you to get there without overcomplicating things. 

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Dry and damaged hair can often get confused as both have similar symptoms including brittleness, breakage, neverending tangles, split ends, dryness and frizz. Despite the similarities on the surface, the cause, treatment and prevention are a bit more tailored. Find out which INKEY List products we recommend to tackle and prevent dry & damaged hair.

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Bleaching, heat treatments, colouring and styling - the daily grind for luscious-looking locks can be a heavy burden on your hair, with damage being one of the top haircare concerns we encounter.

Let’s get science-y and understand how our hair bonds work and the structure and function of how each hair fiber is built.

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