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How to care for the skin on your neck

18.02.2022 | Skincare

The skin on our neck often gets grouped in to our facial routine or receives a dose of our body care products but can often be neglected as an independent area of attention.

Unfortunately, the neck is a key place that shows the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texture as well as hyperpigmentation and discoloration - so it can be worth isolating for tailored TLC.

The skin around the neck area is more delicate and has a thinner dermis meaning it is more susceptible to damage such as from UV. There are fewer sebaceous glands producing oil which means this area can also get dry and dehydrated easily. Finally, the higher level of dynamic movement of the neck and chest can be a cause of wrinkles and fine lines (as identified in our Anti-Ageing 101 post.)



As the skin is thin, ensure your neck is covered well when applying SPF as part of your daily routine. As with the face, damage from UV can cause pigmentation and compromise the skin barrier resulting in reduced definition and tone.  

Our Dewy SPF 30 Sunscreen offers broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays and is an essential addition to your daily routine to protect all areas of skin


The dermis, which is the layer of skin that holds collagen and elastin, is thinner in the neck therefore is a primary place for the smoothness and definition to deplete as our natural production slows down. 

Our Collagen Booster works to make skin appear plumper and firmer. Our anti-ageing hero, Peptide Moisturiser, with continued use, helps to support natural collagen and hydrate skin, leaving skin looking youthful.


With less glands to naturally produce oil, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised is also important. 

If using, extend our Hyaluronic Acid Serum to the neck area to help it appear plump and smooth, while reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

As well as the products in your routine, also be aware of your posture and lifestyle habits. Repeatedly tilting the head and creasing the neck (such as to look at screens!) can have a longer term effect and create dynamic wrinkles. Try gentle neck tilts back and forth, left and right to release any tension and indulge in upward motion massage movements from the neck up to the face when moisturising to stimulate circulation. 

Whether you extend your existing routine to encompass the neck or build in additional products specifically for this area, the awareness of different areas of skin will have a positive impact. 

If you’d like further information or advice on your personal routine, contact our team at askINKEY