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How to Layer Skincare

myprofile Joanna Melville | 19.06.2020

Whether it’s an ongoing condition or sudden reaction, the skin can appear red for a number of different reasons with a spectrum of severity - from health conditions such as Rosacea and dermatitis, allergies, reactions to a flush from exercise, temperature etc. The accompanying factors to the redness, such as itchiness, inflammation or dryness, can help determine the cause and resolution of the concern. Learn more about why skin can appear red, what INKEY List product are best suited to target skin redness and tips to reduce the appearance of redness.

Joanna Melville | 28.09.2021

At The INKEY List, we know that understanding the right products you need to achieve your skin goals and what order to use them in can be confusing. We've broken down each step of your skincare routine starting at cleanse & hydrate, to treating your skin goals, choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type and finishing with the most important step, SPF.

Joanna Melville | 19.06.2020

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